Debora Afezolli, BS

Hometown: Albania originally, Massachusetts since I was 9.

Degree earned from WPI:
BS, Biology and Biotechnology

Why did you choose WPI?
I attended Mass Academy of Math and Science, where I had the opportunity to take classes at WPI in my senior year. I enjoyed the learning environment at WPI and thought it would be a great place to continue the rest of my education.

Are you doing any graduate work at present?
I am currently a first year student at UMass Medical School here in Worcester.

How did your experiences at WPI prepare you for graduate school?
I do feel that my experiences prepared me well for graduate school. The pace of work now is rather hectic, but the quarter system at WPI prepped me for it already. Also, juggling my MQP and IQP with other classes provided me with great time management skills. The Biology/Biotechnology Program equipped me with the tools needed to understand all the new advancements in medicine. Many of the things that we discuss in my classes currently are topics that I have encountered in my classes at WPI and during my research career as an undergraduate.

How did WPI’s philosophy of Theory and Practice, and working with teams, prepare you for facing real-world challenges in the workplace or graduate school?
Working in teams is a crucial skill in many fields, particularly in medicine. Oftentimes, problems require brainstorming and interactions with others in order to get solved, and I obtained these skills through the teamwork at WPI. I now feel confident interacting with others, and can easily take on any role that is required at the time. The MQP was also a chance to practice all the biological principles I was learning about, and to try my hand at many different techniques. It gave me the confidence to believe in my own abilities, a confidence that I carry with me to this day to tackle daily challenges.

Awards Earned:

  • WPI Salisbury Award in Bio/Biotech, 2010


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