Maria Gioules, '12

Home: Massachusetts
Year of Graduation: 2012

Why did I choose to attend WPI?
WPI appealed to me for various reasons. Primarily, the decision to attend WPI came from its academic calendar; namely the scheduled seven-week terms. I knew if I could complete a seven-week course load, then I would be prepared for a fast-paced medical profession.

How has WPI’s philosophy of Theory and Practice, and working with teams, been beneficial to me during my time at WPI?
WPI’s Theory and Practice, the integration of my two favorite interests—knowledge and application—has established an optimal learning environment. It has also further driven my interest in medicine.

How have WPI's Biology and Biotechnology professors helped in my studies?
Professors exhibit different levels of interest in their respective subject areas. But no greater enthusiasm has been presented by a professor than Professor Reeta Prusty Rao. The first biology course I enrolled in was taught by her and her first words, “work hard and be rewarded,” resonated with me. Those words drove my desire and curiosity to learn and ask questions. She taught me the most important message in the first few seconds of her class, and it is that message that motivates me to achieve beyond my own expectations.

What do I hope to do when I graduate? What would be my ideal job?
After graduation, I hope to attend medical school. My ideal job is to develop and impact humanitarian relationships by becoming a medical professional.

Groups or extracurricular activities I participate in at WPI:

  • Mu-Sigma Delta
  • Relay for Life
  • Worcester Habitat for Humanity
Overall, WPI has been the perfect decision and right step in my career.
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