Notable Accomplishments

Integrative Analysis Predicts Colorectal Cancer Stage

Lee H, Flaherty P, Ji H

Integrative analysis of publicly available TCGA datasets including mutations, copy number alterations, gene expression and methylation using elastic-net identifies genes that are predictive for stage and aggressiveness of colorectal cancer tumors.


Ultrasensitive Detection of Rare Mutations in Heterogeneous Cell Populations Using Next Generation Sequencing

Flaherty P, Dr. Luis Vidali

PhRMA Foundation Starter Grant for $100,000


FGF2-Induced Effects on Transcriptome Associated With Regeneration Competence in Adult Human Fibroblasts

Kashpur O, LaPointe D, Ambady S, Ryder EF, Dominko T


Identification of Novel MicroRNAs in Xenopus Laevis Metaphase II Arrested Eggs

Ambady S, Wu Z, Dominko T


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