Program Overview

Programs of Study

The goal of the biomedical engineering (BME) graduate programs is to apply engineering principles and technology as solutions to significant biomedical problems. Students trained in these programs have found rewarding careers in major medical and biomedical research centers, academia, the medical care industry and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Admission Requirements

Biomedical engineering embraces the application of engineering to the study of medicine and biology. While the scope of biomedical engineering is broad, applicants are expected to have an undergraduate degree or a strong background in engineering and to achieve basic and advanced knowledge in engineering, life sciences, and biomedical engineering. Special programs are available for outstanding graduates lacking the necessary prerequisites or with a background in the physical or life sciences. These special programs typically involve an individualized plan of coursework at the advanced undergraduate level, with formal admittance to the program following the successful completion (with grades of B or higher) of this coursework.