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Cohort Track

Our signature program offers experienced, technology-focused leaders an accelerated path to an MBA, while building a strong professional network. Complete your MBA in 32 months, including five months of scheduled breaks, together with a cohort of seasoned professionals, like you. Courses are delivered through a combination of Web-based learning and interactive, on-campus sessions twice each semester.

  • 32 months from orientation to graduation
  • Two classes per semester, with five months of scheduled breaks
  • Progress with a cohort of peers, all with a minimum of five years work experience
  • Blended course delivery allows Web-based learning on your schedule
  • Friday and Saturday on-campus visits every seven weeks

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Accelerated Program Curriculum

Fall 2014 Innovator’s MBA Gateway Early-Start Program

  • Kick-off Date: Thursday, August 28th
  • Apply By: Friday, August 1st
  • Contact Us: 1.508.831.4665 or

If you would like to get a head start on WPI’s unique MBA experience before the official January 2015 kick-off, we offer the Gateway “Early-Start” Program. The program allows qualified students to register for either one or two cohort signature courses starting in August, and is designed to jump start your professional development while earning credit towards your MBA.

The School of Business has reserved twenty seats as part of its strategic exceptional talent development initiative.

To be considered for the Gateway Program, you must apply by Friday, August 1, 2014. Applications received after this date will be considered on a case by case basis, if seating is available. Please contact us immediately so that we may send you special instructions on how to get started. GMAT test waivers will be considered for exceptional candidates only.

The Innovator’s MBA program at WPI utilizes the cohort-learning model, meaning you progress through the program together with your classmates two courses at time from start to finish. The method of instruction is blended learning, where the virtual, online classroom compliments regularly scheduled visits to campus every 7 weeks.  The weekend campus visits provide you important face-to-face engagement designed to facilitate learning and to create a strong bond and network between you and your classmates.

This is what one of our students had to say:

Entrepreneurs, both starting new businesses and within existing businesses, need to rely on their network to gather resources, obtain ideas and insights, foster support, and to spot opportunity.  This is why it is important to create and maintain a diverse business network.  This is actually one of the main reasons that I chose the cohort program.  The networking aspect provides significant value above other types of MBA programs. 

Gateway “Early-Start” Program Signature Courses

Strategy and Innovation  

You will explore two critical domains confronting managers in the 21st century. The first is the complex challenges that managers face within the context of technological, economic, governmental, and social transformation taking place globally. The second is the role of business in society, and its contribution to international development.  During the course, you will draw upon the writing of leading management thinkers from past and present and tapping into relevant current events and studies. You will be actively engaged in a two-part project. The project explores the 15-20 year outlook for the business environment in which you are employed. You will be asked to outline a robust, core strategy for your firm’s future participation in that industry.  The course legacy is that it will leave you imagining, questioning, and reflecting about the transformational forces that are likely to significantly impact your career as leader and manager.    

Developing Managerial Talent  

This course will allow you to assess and develop managerial talent in others as well as yourself.  An examination of how managerial talent development is inexorable linked to your professional success and viewed as a major source of organizational competitive advantage sets the foundation.  You and your team members will have access to various frameworks, tools, and practices necessary to engage your own, thoughtful self-assessment, constructive feedback acquisition and interpretation, and strategic development planning. The lasting impact of this course includes: a) an effective assessment of your own managerial abilities, b) creation of development plans for yourself and others to secure new knowledge, skills, and abilities for career enhancement and long-term sustainable employment c) setting achievable goals for yourself and others, and d) translating and sharing the talent development process with others.

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