Case Study Development

To provide faculty development opportunities that are important to sustaining change and to identify innovative ideas for teaching lean, we invite proposals for Case Study Development Grants, which provide a $5,000 stipend to developers. Please review the Request for Proposals, and submit a proposal by May 16, 2008. Our goal is to develop case studies that complement hands-on simulation activities by:

  • Demonstrating lean principles and tools in additional non-manufacturing settings, such as services, product development, supply chain, and examining tactics that are appropriate for that setting.
  • Demonstrating that a particular tactic does not always work to achieve the principle in every situation.

We are seeking proposals for Lean Process Design Case Studies that will be distinguished by the following features:

  • Students are required to carry out an analysis to apply a particular technique within the context of lean implementation, and be
  • Cases are geared toward engineers and operations experts who will be expected to lead lean efforts upon graduation, and thus provide operational level details.
  • Cases will include:
    • The scenario description presenting the problem to be solved, with text, pictures, and appropriate operational data (in spreadsheets or other media).
    • An Instructor’s manual, with learning objectives, analysis and company solutions, and teaching suggestions, will also be provided.
  • Cases should preferably be developed by faculty interaction with lean practitioners from industry.
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