Eric Gentile

MBA Student Eric Gentile

The Innovator’s MBA—Different From The Start

Currently I work for CVS Caremark; I am a District Manager in Houston, Texas. For me the MBA was important because I was really at a point in my career where I could either stay where I was and not advance, or I could get the MBA and go to the next level.

I had actually looked at WPI a couple of years ago, but it was interesting, I actually got a call from the Dean of the School of Business. It sent a very strong message that Dean Rice is very involved and that the leadership and entrepreneur sides of the MBA were just as impactful here as the technology side.

The thing that I really liked about WPI was it was a blend of off campus and on campus; because I don’t think for my learning style all online will work. And the great thing about our teams is that we’re diverse. One person is in retail, and one person is in healthcare, and one person is in energy for example and as part of the whole process my team and I are starting a new business venture that is still so new that we’re actually talking to a patent attorney now about where we go from here.

It’s hard work, but it’s not all work. We get together for dinner, we get together with other teams, we get together as a whole cohort. It’s a pretty cool aspect of it that you wouldn’t have if you were just doing the online piece.

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