New business ventures continue to stimulate the global economy. WPI's focus on technology produces students who are ideally suited to taking advantage of the continuing growth in technologically-based enterprises. A minor in Entrepreneurship gives students the foundation they need to understand basic business principles and how to turn their ideas into viable ventures. It is possible that Students could create a new and exciting technology for their MQP which could then be turned into a business upon graduation. A minor in Entrepreneurship is available to all students at WPI, regardless of major.


The minor requires the completion of two units of coursework as noted below:

  1. Complete the following course:
    • BUS 2060 – Financial Statements for Decision Making
  2. Complete two courses from the following list:
    • ETR 1100 - Engineering Entrepreneurship
    • ETR 3633 - Entrepreneurial Selling
    • ETR 3910 - Recognizing and Evaluating Venture Opportunities
    • ETR 3920 - Planning and Launching New Ventures
  3. Complete two courses from the following list:
    • BUS 2070 – Risk Analysis for Decision Making
    • BUS 3010 – Creating Value through Innovation
    • MKT 3640 – Management of Process and Product Innovation
    • GOV 2313 – Intellectual Property Law
  4. Complete the following course:
    • ETR 4930 - Growing and Managing New Ventures


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For more information...

about the Minor in Entrepreneurship, please contact Prof. Chickery Kasouf, Associate Professor at chick@wpi.edu.