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WPI School of Business: Top Ranked MBA for Career Advancers

WPI students choose our top-ranked business school to become leaders in a fast-moving global economy—and because they know employers respect the education and experience they will receive here. Ready to pursue great opportunities and attack great problems, WPI MBA graduates are in demand.  Whether it means a promotion at your current company, or a new venture, a WPI MBA education pays back.   

  • Part-time MBA graduates were promoted an average of 1.7 times during the course of the WPI program.
  • On average, full-time graduate business students see a 63 percent increase in their salaries from the beginning of their matriculation to the time they graduate.

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Real-world Innovators

WPI MBA graduates are employed in high-profile positions in world-renowned companies as diverse as EMC, Walt Disney Company, Genzyme, ExxonMobil, Intel, and GE. Hundreds of other corporations employ WPI MBA graduates; and many management alumni have started and grown their own business ventures.  


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