Lab 5: Intro to Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

This session focused on the overall supply chain of TimeWise. Focus of the lab is to make students familiarize with fundamental of supply chain and examine the basic of logistical impacts on the supply chain performance.

In this lab the focus is moved away from the operations of the plant to the over all supply chain of TimeWise. Specifically, the customers and suppliers are separated from the system and are considered external partners of the company. One of the major issues of purchasing/supply management namely coordinating with supplier is explored. Here the game is played twice by using two approaches: single sourcing and multiple sourcing to test especially their impacts on the entire chain performance in terms of cost and time. The distance of the supplier and customer is lengthened, introducing the effect of travel/transportation into the system. A two bin system is used to manage the safety stock to protect against uncertainties of demand and supply.

The presentation introduces the students with the supply chain game and familiarizes them with the two system of sourcing used and two bin system. It also gives them information about the different role played by supplier and customer. The assignment ask the students to describe the performance of the supply chain with the base scenario (e.g., customer order lead time, supply lead time, manufacturing lead time, revenues (number tables used)) and also do a comparative analysis of the two rounds.

To view the lab material, assignment and presentation please click on the link below:

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