The business world affects everyone and every industry. Non-Management majors can acquire management skills that not only help them prepare for their careers after graduation, but can be invaluable for moving ahead. The Management minor provides an opportunity for students in any discipline to broaden their knowledge and learn basic business principles.


To complete the Management Minor, a student must complete two units of work in the Management Area, typically through course work with the following distribution:

  1. One course from the Social Science Economics area. Any course with course designation SS#1## will qualify.
  2. Three courses from the following groups of courses:
    1. BUS 1900 - Introduction to Business in an International Environment OR
      OBC 2300 - Organizational Science
    2. ACC 1100 - Financial Accounting OR
      ACC 2101 - Management Accounting
    3. One 2000-level course with the prefix MG or MG/IE
  3. One 3000 or 4000-level course with prefix MG or MG/IE
  4. ETR 4930 - Growing and Managing New Ventures (Capstone Experience Course)

The Capstone course, ETR 4930, uses and integrates the functional areas of Management in a case and project-oriented mode. While the course is focused primarily on new business ventures, the general principles provide students with a comprehensive look at business operations.


  • The courses selected for the minor must include not more than one course from any Management subject area. The undergraduate catalog describes the 10 Management subject areas. The areas are also reflected in the second digit of every MG course number.
  • Students majoring in MG, MGE, or MIS may not minor in Management.


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