All MIS majors must meet the degree requirements as specified in the university undergraduate catalog. These include:

MIS majors complete a number of basic introductory courses in math, calculus, statistics, science, and computer science. They must complete the Management Core courses as well as six further Management courses, from an approved list. The remainder of the program consists of the Sufficiency, IQP, MQP, and free electives, to a total of 15 units. Students can customize their study based on their interests and career goals. Program details are listed in the undergraduate catalog.

Course Descriptions

The following is an example of a study plan based on our course offerings. Of course, many variations on this plan are also feasible.

Year A Term B Term C Term D Term
Freshman Year Science I Science II MIS-1: Computer Science Elective
Calculus I Calculus II Management Core: Economics I Management Core: Economics II
Sufficiency-1 Sufficiency-2 Sufficiency-3 Sufficiency-4
Sophomore Year MIS-2: MIS 2710 MIS-3: MIS 2720 Elective (or CS Minor) Elective (or CS Minor)
Management Core: Accounting I Management Core: Accounting II Management Core: Quantitative Methods Management Core: Organization Science
Statistics I Statistics II Sufficiency-5 Sufficiency-6
Junior Year Management Core: Business Law Management Core: Management Information Systems MIS-5: MIS 3720 MIS-7: MIS 4720
Management Core: Production Management Core: Finance MIS-6: Elective Management Core: Elective
IQP-1 IQP-2 IQP-3 Management Core: Marketing
Senior Year Elective (or CS Minor Capstone) Elective (or CS Minor Capstone) MIS-4: MIS 3740 Elective
Breadth Elective Breadth Elective Elective  
MIS-8: MQP-1 MIS 9: MQP-2 MIS-10: MQP-3 Elective