Management Information Systems

The information technology (IT) field continues to experience enormous growth. IT is critical to business decision making in the new economy, but finding and using information has become increasingly complicated. Management Information Systems (MIS) refers to the technology used to organize information for decision-making purposes. The MIS minor offers non-Management majors an opportunity to broaden their exposure to information technology. Graduates with MIS skills offer employers extra value.


To complete the Management Information Systems Minor, a student must complete two units of work with the following distribution:

  1. One course from the following group:
    1. ACC 1100 - Financial Accounting, OR
    2. ACC 2101 - Management Accounting, OR
    3. BUS 1900 - Introduction to Business in an International Environment, OR
    4. OBC 2300 - Organizational Science
  2. Two Computer Science courses, or their equivalents, from the following courses:
    1. CS 1101 - Introduction to Program Design
    2. CS 1102 - Accelerated Introduction to Program Design
    3. CS 2301 - Systems Programming for Non-Majors
    4. CS 2303 - Systems Programming Concepts
    5. MIS 2720 - Business Application Development Tools
  3. Two courses from the following group:
    1. MIS 3700 - Information Systems Management
    2. MIS 3720 - Management of Data
    3. MIS 3740 - Organizational Application of Telecommunications
  4. Capstone Experience Course
    MIS 4720 - Systems Analysis and Design

Course MIS 4720 is a project-oriented course designed to prepare MIS students and minors for actual information systems design work in business and industry. The course builds and uses MIS concepts for the sound and efficient design of information systems.


  • The courses selected for the minor must include not more than one course from any Management subject area. The undergraduate catalog describes the 10 Management subject areas. The areas are also reflected in the second digit of every MG course number.
  • Students majoring in MG, MGE, or MIS may not minor in Management.
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