Meg Lindberg

MBA Student Meg Lindberg

Move your career forward with The Innovator’s MBA

Currently I work at Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. Most of my colleagues have a business background and in order to stay competitive I really felt like I needed to get an MBA.

Having come to WPI as an undergrad, I love the project-based curriculum. I know that that’s helped me further my career. So when looking at an MBA program that was huge. The WPI MBA program offers the opportunity to be blended between online learning and face-to-face experience with your professors and classmates.

The online component is easy to use. They bring everything that you need into one portal, one webpage for you, so it’s all right there to find. And if you do have any issues the technical support is great, they’re really responsive.

As a woman in business it was important for me to go to a school that offers that equal opportunity and challenge to both men and women; building this foundation of business for myself I think is really the edge that I need. You definitely need to be collaborative with other people. There are so many good ideas out there and it’s when they knock together that you get a really great result. I am a full believer in teamwork and I think that’s where your best leaders come, those who can synthesize a team and get them to execute.

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