Our Alumni

When evaluating an institution or academic department, perhaps there’s no better place to start than with the combined success of its alumni. School of Business graduates go on to become key players in some of the world’s top companies. Or they apply their skills and knowledge to starting their own businesses.

No matter where their careers take them, our alumni always remain part of the WPI fabric. They stay connected to the School of Business and enthusiastically recommend a WPI education to others.

Several alumni have offered to share a bit of their stories here. Get a glimpse of them and their accomplishments, and realize the opportunity that awaits you.

Mehmet Emre Cekirdekci
Graduate student, Stanford University
BS, Industrial Engineering; BS, Economic Science

Brent French
Industry consultant, Lexmark International; colonel, USAF Reserve

Jeremy Hitchcock
CEO, Dynamic Network Services
BS, Management Information Systems

Audra G. Sosny
Business analyst, The Hanover Insurance Group
BS, Industrial Engineering

School of Business Alumni

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