Our Staff

Name  Email Phone Extension Office Location Title
Gina M. Betti gbetti@wpi.edu 5761 50 Prescott Street  Associate Director, Collaborative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Eileen Dagostino  edag@wpi.edu  4980  50 Prescott Street  Recruiting Operations Coordinator 
Mark Fellenz mfellenz@wpi.edu 4674 50 Prescott Street Senior Associate Director of Admissions
James Garvin  jgarvin@wpi.edu  4805  50 Prescott Street  Associate Director of Admissions 
Amy Grasseschi  agrasseschi@wpi.edu  4889  50 Prescott Street  Administrative Assistant 
Marge Gribouski margeg@wpi.edu 5218 Washburn Shops 215 Associate Director, Business Programs
Paul Mack  pbmack@wpi.edu  5792  50 Prescott Street   Executive Director of Business 
Sara Mahan  smahan@wpi.edu  4873  50 Prescott Street  Associate Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship 
David Prince drprince@wpi.edu 5285 50 Prescott Street Associate Director of Marketing/Admissions
Chris Small     csmall@wpi.edu   4874  85 Prescott Street  Director of Development 
Arden Sonnenberg  asonnenberg@wpi.edu   4872  50 Prescott Street  Associate Director of Admissions 
Laurie Stokes lmstokes@wpi.edu  4887  Washburn Shops 215  Coordinator of Programs 
Kevin Szeredy  kjszeredy@wpi.edu      50 Prescott Street   Admissions Outreach Specialist  
Lorelle Tross kwamina@wpi.edu 5218 Washburn Shops 215 Administrative Assistant
Sandy Wellinghoff  swellinghoff@wpi.edu 5906  50 Prescott Street  Director, Blended Learning 
Erin Wickman  ewickman@wpi.edu 5918  50 Prescott Street  Administrative Assistant, Collaborative for Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Innovation & Entrepreneurship    
Norman D. Wilkinson nwilkins@wpi.edu 5957 Washburn Shops 218 Director of Programs
Qingyun Zhu  qzhu@wpi.edu    50 Prescott Street  Marketing Recruitment Specialist 
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