Students of Worcester Polytechnic Institute have been engaged in sustainability projects under the guidance of WPI faculty mentors and advisors for decades.  Project sites are located in the U.S. and abroad. The Center for Sustainability in Business will build on and leverage sustainability projects to further broaden impact on businesses moving towards sustainable practices.

Proposed IQPs 2015-2016

Project Title: Reclamation of roof/runoff water at Sustainability Hub, Worcester, MA 

Advisor: Will O’Brien; Co-advisor: Chick Kasouf

Status: Recruiting

Project Description: Would like to have feasibility study done for having herb/vegetable planter boxes on side of Sustainability Hub, Main Street, Worcester to be shared with the community. The water would be captured from the roof and channeled down the side of the building to run from wall planter to wall planter, eventually reaching tow larger base planters at bottom of building. 

  • Would these planters get enough sun?
  • Is there enough water to sustain plant life?
  • How would planters be attached to building?
  • How would planters be aligned so they can be reached for harvesting?

Once a feasibility study is done and action recommended for this project, we would like detailed drawings and cost estimates to achieve this project. Vegetables and herbs would be shared with the WPI community.  Information about the Sustainability Hub

Project Title: Capturing Solar Energy at the Sustainability Hub, Worcester

Advisor: Will O’Brien; Co-advisor: John Orr

Status: Recruiting

Project Description:  The Sustainability Hub on Main Street in Worcester, MA has large plate glass windows across the front.  It is east facing and gets many hours of bright sunshine.  We would like to have a study conducted to determine how we can best capture these energy producing rays. Could these rays be captured and turned into energy at the Hub?  Possibilities include (but are not limited to) capturing energy to power lights in Community room, power a charging station, etc.  We would like a detailed study of how we can capture the solar rays (panels, solar collections cells on window, etc), how we would store this energy to be used for energy in the Hub and what best uses of this energy are at the Hub.  Please include detailed design plans. Information about the Sustainability Hub

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