Transfer of Credit Policy

 A maximum of nine credits of the requirements for a WPI graduate business degree may be satisfied by courses taken elsewhere.

Transfer credit decisions are based on the following guidelines:

  1. The nature of the course description submitted by the student: Is the course consistent with the focus of the WPI graduate business program into which the transfer is being sought?
  2. The year when the course was taken. As a general rule, courses taken more than six years prior to the transfer request will not be considered for transfer credit.
  3. The grade received in the course seeking to be transferred into WPI must be "B" or better.
  4. The quality of the institution at which the course was taken.
  5. The course(s) were not used to satisfy degree requirements at another university.
  6. A maximum of one-third of the credit requirements from a previous master's degree at WPI may be used in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a second master's degree at WPI.

For more information, contact Norm Wilkinson, director of business programs, at

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