Summer 2008 Workshop

All workshops will take place on the WPI Campus, 100 Insitute Road, Worcester, MA

Lean Foundations Workshop

June 9-10, 2008

This workshop introduces the use of the high-volume, standard product and low-volume, customized product Time Wise simulation and supporting teaching materials in college settings. Workshop highlights:

  • Workshop begins 8 am Monday, June 9; concludes Tuesday, June 10 with optional dinner
  • Hands-on participation in two simulations, focusing on their use for teaching:
    • High-volume standardized product (Monday)
    • Low-volume, custom product (Tuesday)
  • Presentation and discussion of supporting teaching notes, case studies
  • Overcoming barriers, understanding logistics
  • Active redesign of participant courses
  • Assessment of student learning

Lean Case Study Development Workshop

June 11, 2008

Taught by , a seasoned case researcher, writer and case-method teacher from Bentley College, this interactive workshop will help equip participants with the knowledge and skills to prepare cases for use in graduate and undergraduate courses in a variety of disciplines.  Participants attending the Lean Foundations workshop are encouraged to apply for a Case Study Development grant, due May 16, 2008, and stay for this workshop.  Similarly, those attending the Lean Supply Chain Workshop are encourage to apply for the case study grant and come early for this workshop. Topics to be covered will include:

  • The Case for Cases: What is “case method” and how do students and teachers benefit from it?
  • Becoming Case Sensitive: How to discover valuable case opportunities.
  • Making the Pitch: How to get companies one board.
  • Be Prepared: How to gather helpful data before, during, and after the field visit.
  • Listen and Learn: How to get interviewees to open up and share.
  • The Case Writing Process: Two paths to a completed case.
  • Negotiating the Details: How to preserve the integrity of the case facts while building a lasting relationship with the company.
  • Writing the Teaching Note: Your gift to yourself and your colleagues.
  • Into the Classroom: A case isn’t worth much if it doesn’t get taught.
  • The Teaching Case as Research Platform: Making the most of the case research process.

By the end of the day, participants will have prepared a short “Elevator Pitch” about a case and a plan of action for researching and writing the case and teaching note and introducing the case into a specific course module.

Lean Supply Chain Workshop

June 12-13, 2008

This workshop explores the use of the Time Wise Supply Chain simulation in a college setting, to help students understand the business case for collaborative supply chain improvement and how to practically apply Lean supply chain methods to substantially reduce total lead time and costs while simultaneously increasing the flexibility of the extended value stream. Workshop highlights: 

  • Workshop begins 8 am Thursday, June 12; concludes Friday, June 13 by 2 pm
  • Hands-on participation in the simulation, focusing on their use for teaching
  • Overcoming barriers, understanding logistics
  • Active redesign of participant courses
  • Assessment of student learning


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