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WPI Corporate and Professional Education works with leading organizations to maximize the value of their education and training investment by aligning program content with specific business and industry needs. At WPI, we take a collaborative approach to developing programs for our clients, realizing that every organization has unique needs that are specific to its competitive environment. Our portfolio of offerings range from one-day workshops to multi-year graduate degree programs, and all of our programs are built on the premise of delivering education that is integrated, applied and relevant to both the participating student and sponsoring company. This practical approach further enhances the value derived by organizations in providing employees with the knowledge and skills that can be directly applied to their workplace challenges.

In addition to the direct benefit of individual development, WPI’s corporate programs provide:

  • Increased employee retention as a result of a demonstrated commitment and investment in employee education 
  • An effective recruiting tool to attract new talent in a competitive market 
  • Focused content that directs educational spending to the areas of highest need, at the right time 
  • Increased interaction among employees from various functions across the company

WPI’s corporate programs take on many forms. Programs can be focused on a single topic or expanded to encompass an entire discipline or integrate complementary disciplines. We work with companies to determine the content areas to meet their needs and then develop programs to effectively deliver results.

Corporate Graduate Programs

For decades WPI has worked with corporations to develop graduate and undergraduate programs to improve the skills of their employees. WPI can offer custom programs on-site, as well as through our distance learning network.

Companies work with one of our experienced staff to develop programs that meet their needs.

  • Programs can range from a single course, to a tightly focused graduate or undergraduate certificate program, to a full graduate degree program. 
  • Programs can focus in several disciplines including science, engineering, technology, and management. 
  • Interdisciplinary programs can combine related content that spans many academic disciplines, resulting in programs that meet an organization’s unique requirements and challenges from both a technical and managerial perspective. 
  • All courses taught at corporate sites will include the same material and concepts as on-campus courses, but examples used in courses can be customized for each company’s needs.
  • Plans of study are designed to comply with applicable state and federal education board requirements.

Courses for WPI’s Corporate and Professional Education programs are taught by fully qualified faculty appointed by WPI’s academic department heads. All of our faculty members are experts in their fields and many are working on cutting-edge research in their disciplines. Many faculty members are also active members in the professional community through research partnerships, consulting services and business ventures. Corporate Education takes care in selecting professors to match their academic and professional acumen with the needs of individual organizations.

Following is a list of graduate certificate and degree programs that have been customized and delivered for specific companies, organizations, and industries. Contact Corporate and Professional Education at +1-508-831-5517 or to learn more about a customized education solution for your company and industry.

Master’s Degrees

  • MBA
  • Master of Science in Management
  • Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering
  • Master of Science in Systems Engineering
  • Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Science in Power Systems Management
  • Master of Engineering in Power Systems Engineering

Graduate Certificates

  • Analog Electronics
  • Bioscience Regulations Management
  • Information & Data Security
  • Operations Design and Engineering
  • Power Systems Engineering
  • Systems Engineering

Corporate Online Graduate Programs

For more than thirty years, WPI has delivered high-quality distance education to graduate students around the world. Our first distance programs were available on videotape; the Internet now provides access to course work, professors, and fellow students. There is no differentiation between campus and online programs, and once admitted to WPI, students may take any online course that is appropriate to their WPI program thus taking their whole degree online if available or combining campus and online courses.

Quality Online Content

WPI delivers the same courses, content and material in its online courses and degrees that students receive on campus. The online and campus programs are not two distinctive programs with separate admission and academic criteria. Admitted students matriculate into a degree program and, then, register for either online or classroom courses depending upon their needs. Online students have 24/7 access to their courses, are expected to maintain a weekly presence in the WPI course web site, and follow a semester based syllabus closely imaging a classroom based syllabus. Regular access to a high speed Internet access via a PC based computer is required to keep pace with course content and participate in the collaborative learning environment.

Programs of Study

The following graduate degrees are offered completely online through Corporate and Professional Education.

  • Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
  • Master of Science in Fire Protection Engineering
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Power Systems Engineering
  • Master of Science in Power Systems Management
  • Master of Science in System Dynamics
  • Master of Science in Systems Engineering

Student Services

Online students have access to the same services as students located on campus. Corporate and Professional Education provides students with personalized assistance and acts as a conduit to all other university offices. Among the University services available are academic advising, technical helpdesk, library services, bookstore, and career placement and counseling for degree seeking students. Contact can be made through the web, by phone, and by e-mail.

Executive Education

The Executive Education programs at WPI Corporate and Professional Education offer participants three different levels to select from based on experience and needs. Our outcome-based course designs, combined with practical real world applications, provide students with an engaging, world-class learning experience. As a business partner in executive education, we strive to create and deliver open-enrollment or tailored corporate programs that empower participants with immediately actionable skills and knowledge. Whether an individual is looking for professional development in a specific area, or an HR representative or team leader is looking for a solution for a group of employees, we work with them to discuss interests and needs in executive education.

  • Introduction to Management and Communications Certificate Program features the latest essential skills necessary for new supervisors and managers to be successful in their organizations. Each segment includes specific tools and techniques that can be put to use immediately upon return to the workplace. 
  • Advanced Management Program is designed for professional managers who have several years of experience and would like to enhance their skills. Topics include managing human performance, strategic thinking, productivity management, financial acumen, decision making, innovation and project management.
  • Executive Leadership Program shortens the learning curve for new leaders by developing the skills needed to achieve excellence as a cross-functional executive. The program is designed especially for senior managers who have been targeted to assume significant managerial responsibilities. Participants will acquire the skills needed for managerial success such as strategy formulation, negotiation, conflict resolution, decision- making, implementing change and managing culture.

Professional Development Workshops

WPI provides career training and professional development to individuals and organizations, to include CEU-based certificate programs, technical short courses and workshops. There are over 40 workshops to choose from, all of which are designed to deliver the skills needed to stay competitive. For almost 30 years, WPI’s results-oriented programs have been providing management and technical professionals with proven tools and techniques needed to exceed performance goals. There is a wide variety of courses on topics that are important to career advancement and success in any organization. Programs include: project management – 11 courses; process improvement/six sigma – 10 courses; lean enterprise – 8 courses; geometric dimensioning and tolerancing – 4 courses; and leadership and management development – 14 courses. Additionally, to better meet an organization’s specific training needs, all of the programs listed can be uniquely customized and delivered on-site at the corporate location.

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Corporate and Professional Education

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