MS Program

With the emphasis on research graduate education, there are few formal departmental course requirements in the Chemistry & Biochemistry graduate program beyond taking relevant graduate-level courses in chemistry and biochemistry, along with seminar courses. Students enjoy great flexibility in their choice of courses, which allows them to align their course of study with their career plans.

A particular strength of the WPI education is our interdisciplinary approach. This allows students to take courses outside the department, including courses not only in neighboring disciplines but also in the School of Business.

The MS degree in chemistry or biochemistry requires 30 semester hours of credit, of which at least six or more must be thesis research. The remainder should be in approved independent studies and courses at the 4000 or 500 level.

MS candidates must submit a thesis based on research conducted under the direction of a faculty member during his or her tenure at WPI. Students should select a research advisor by the end of the first term (seven weeks) of residence, and research should be started by the beginning of the second term. Upon completion, the thesis must be approved by the faculty advisor and the department chairman.

To ensure success in the program, entering students have the opportunity to take remedial courses in specific areas (inorganic, organic, physical, or biochemistry) if indicated by MS program admission examinations.