Our Students

Working in an environment that can lead to groundbreaking discoveries inspires Chemistry & Biochemistry (CBC) students to commit much time and energy to excelling and succeeding. They recognize the responsibility they’re taking on by entering this arena, and they are serious about applying their knowledge to meet society’s challenges and improve the quality of life.

But they’re not just dedicated future scientists; they also have a social side. CBC students are down-to-earth people who enjoy art, sports, music, charitable endeavors, and just having fun. We’ve spotlighted a few of them here. Discover why they chose WPI—and why it's a decision they'd make again without hesitation.


Nouran Abdelfattah, ‘13
Cairo, Egypt
BS, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Courtney McCann, ‘14
Norfolk, MA
BS, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Daria Santoro, ‘13
Holliston, MA
BS, Chemistry and Biochemistry


Sagar Antala
Rajkot, India
PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jessica Collins
Worcester, MA
PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Alicia Morgan
Gales Ferry, CT
PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry

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