CEE Advisory Board MQP Award given on Project Presentation Day

Award to team for best presentation of their senior design project

Each year, students across WPI present their senior design projects on Project Presentation Day. In the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, the CEE Advisory Board sponsors an award for the most outstanding project presented on this day. Advisory Board members and alumni judge the projects during a two hour poster session, and select three finalist teams for three minute oral presentations followed by questions.

The 2013 awardees of the Advisory Board MQP Award are Adrianna Davis (CHE '13), Emily Fournier (CHE '13), Ryan Shooshan (CE '13) and Lauren Waring (EVE '13). Their project was titled "Utilizing GAC and MIEX to Improve TOC Removal from Wastewater for Discharge to Groundwater near Drinking Water Sources." The goal of the project was to design an advanced wastewater treatment process to reduce total organic carbon levels in a wastewater treatment plant effluent to comply with groundwater discharge regulations. Congratulations to the team for their outstanding presentations of their work on Project Presentation Day!

(Photo L to R: Ryan Shooshan, CEE Advisory Board Chair Peter Tunnicliffe, Adrianna Davis, MQP Advisor Jeanine Plummer, Lauren Waring, Emily Fournier, Department Head Tahar El-Korchi)

April 25, 2013

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