Stantec Project Center

The CEE Department at WPI is working with North American engineering and design firm Stantec to conduct undergraduate student projects at Stantec office locations throughout the US and Canada. Our collaboration combines WPI’s fundamental educational philosophy of a project-based learning experience with Stantec's vision to continually expand their professional service capabilities and foster valuable research and learning experiences for the next generation of engineers. Stantec provides professional consulting services in planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics for infrastructure and facilities projects. The company has more than 10,000 employees operating out of over 130 locations in North America.

FAQ (pdf)

Capstone Design Procedure

How An Off-Campus Project is Planned and Conducted


Project topics conducted by the WPI students are in the civil and environmental engineering areas with a particular focus on sustainable solutions. Each year two or three teams of three –to- four students work on projects identified by CEE faculty and Stantec. Each team is advised remotely by the center director (Fred Hart) and a faculty co-advisor. An on-site Stantec advisor also works directly with the students.

Typical Time Schedule

Project topics and a general understanding of their scope are developed a year in advance. This is to allow for student registration and to finalize student accommodations during their off-campus work. Students are required to pay for their travel, lodging and other expenses, but appropriate housing facilities, local transportation, emergency facility locations and emergency contacts are finalized ahead of time by the CEE Department with help from the Stantec office personnel. Projects are typically conducted at off-campus locations during B and C Terms. An example time-schedule is as follows:

  • Identify office location, project topic(s) and general scope: October (year in advance)
  • Secure suitable housing: May (about 5 months in advance)
  • Finalize project topics and Stantec Liaison who will work with the WPI students and advisors. (Before September)
  • Conduct Projects (B Term – late October to early December & C Term – Mid January to early March)
  • Final Deliverables (Report and oral presentation) – at the end of Terms B and C.

Below is a summary of past, current and future student projects:

2014-15 Academic Year

We will be conducting projects in the Boston area. The two offices will be:

Boston, Portland Street Office

Westford Office

For more information, see our brochure.

2013-14 Academic Year

We will be conducting projects in the Halifax location this academic year. Specific project topics have not been finalized as yet, but they will be in the environmental, transportation and planning areas.

2012-13 Academic Year



2011-2012 Academic Year

Project Title "Renovation of Kentucky River Dam No. 8"

Project Title "Seismic Risk Reduction for a CCR Landfill Embankment Facility"

2010-11 Academic Year

Project Title "Cost-Analysis of Dam Construction"

Project Title "Conveyor Transport of Coal Combustion Byproducts: A Financial, Technical, and Environmental Feasibility Study"

2009-10 Academic Year

Project Title “Sustainable Community Design”

Project Title “Renewable Energy and its Various Applications”

Project Title “Sustainable Community Design: Landscape Architecture

2008-09 Academic Year

Project Title “College Sustainability Designs”

Project Title “Green Guide for Roads Rating System