A large variety of equipment is available in CREL for catalyst preparation and characterization and detailed kinetic studies. This includes various reactors such as several packed-bed reactors, a Berty reactor, a Parr reactor, a slurry reactor, a membrane reactor, a porous-walled tubular reactor, and an adiabatic tubular reactor with several thermocouples for monitoring temperature.

All necessary analytical instruments are also available, such as several microbalances, volumetric BET apparatus, mercury porosimeter, Autosorb-I Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer, several gas chromatographs, a Perkin-Elmer GC-MS with Q-Mass 910 mass spectrometer, Nicolet Magna-IR 560 FTIR with DRIFT cell for catalyst surface characterization, Rosemount Chemiluminescence NO/ NOx Analyzer NGA 2000, and a TEOM Series 1500 PMA Pulse Mass Analyzer for TPD/TGA experiments.  Other available equipment in CREL includes a glove box, hoods, several HPLC and high pressure syringe liquid feed pumps, several vacuum pumps, temperature, pressure, and flow monitors and controllers, furnaces, vacuum oven, diffusion cell, and all necessary glassware and other laboratory supplies for catalyst preparation and testing.  In addition, several Macintosh computers and PCs are available within the laboratory.

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