Computational Fluid Dynamics in Chemical Reaction Engineering IV

19-24 June 2005
Il Ciocco Hotel and Conference Center, Barga, Italy

co-sponsored by:
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
DuPont Company

Conference Co-Chairs:

Anthony G. Dixon
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Harry van den Akker
Delft University of Technology
Ahmad Haidari
Fluent Inc.

Invited talks

CFD Models for Polydisperse Solids Based on the Direct Quadrature Method of Moments
Rodney Fox
Iowa State University
Multiscale Modeling of Gas-Fluidized Beds
Martin van der Hoef
University of Twente
Modeling Some Multiscale, Multiphysics Phenomena in Multiphase Reactors
Faiçal Larachi
Laval University
Breaking, Merging and Splashing Bubbles: the Art of Fluid Interface CFD
Stéphane Zaleski
Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Evolution of CFD as a Tool for Chemical Engineering
Richard LaRoche
Fluent Inc.
CFD: Perspectives and Applications at Nova Chemicals
Glenn Price
Nova Chemicals
DNS and LES of Turbulent Combustion
Luc Vervisch
Multiscale CFD Simulations of Portable Microchemical Devices for Hydrogen Production
Dion Vlachos
University of Delaware
CFD Methods for Reactions in Laminar Flow
Fernando Muzzio
Rutgers University
Simulations of Solid-Liquid Suspensions: From Dilute to Dense
Jos Derksen
Delft University of Technology

Contributed talks

CFD-Modeling of the Multiphase Flow in CFB Reactors with Application in Semi-Dry Flue Gas Cleaning
Christian Schreithofer
University of Leoben
CFD Modeling of Flow and Reaction Kinetics in a Fluidized Bed
Fariborz Taghipour
University of British Columbia
A Modification of the Gibilaro-Foscolo 'Particle Bed Model'
Luca Mazzei
University College London
Discrete Particle Modeling of Chemical Vapor Deposition in the Fluidized Bed Reactor
Ernst-Ulriche Hartge
Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
Parallelization of an Euler-Lagrange Model Using a Mixed Domain Decomposition and a Mirror Domain Technique: Application to Dispersed Gas Liquid Two Phase Flow
Dadan Darmana
University of Twente
Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Drop Coalescence and Chemical Mixing
Xinli Jia
Clarkson University
Experimental and Numerical Study of Mass Transfer in Single Droplets
Alexander Pawelski
Mass Transfer, Mixing and Chemical Reactions in Deformable Bubble Swarms
Johannes G. Khinast
Rutgers University
Integration and Verification of a SO2-Chemisorption Model for Computational Spray-Tower Analysis
Martin Demuth
University of Leoben
Can We Use CFD to Predict Mixing Time in Stirred Tanks?
Minye Liu
DuPont Engineering Technology
Reactor Design Optimization Based on 3D CFD Modeling of Nitrides Deposition in MOCVD Vertical Rotating Disc Reactors
Bojan Mitrovic
Veeco TurboDisc Operations, USA
CFD Modeling of Trickle Bed Reactors: A Case of Hydro-processing Reactors
Vivek V. Ranade
National Chemical Laboratory, India
CFD Modelling of Turbulent Mass Transfer in a Mixing Channel
Bjorn Hjertager
Aalborg University
CFD Modeling of Precipitation of Nano-Particles in Confined Impinging Jet Reactor
Danielle Marchisio
Politecnico di Torino
Comparative Study of Transported Scalar PDF and Velocity-Scalar PDF Approaches to Delft Flame III
Dirk Roekaerts
Delft University of Technology
Aggregation and Breakage of Nanoparticle Dispersions in Heterogeneous Turbulent Flows
Miroslav Soos
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich
Numerical Simulation of a Solubility Process in a Stirred Tank Reactor
Jos Derksen
TU Delft
The Influence of the Density Difference on the Mixing Process in Mechanically Agitated Reactor
Hristo V. Hristov
Research Centre Rossendorf
Modelling of Packed Bed Membrane Reactors for Autothermal H2 Production
Charudatta S. Patil
University of Twente
Hydrodynamics of Unbaffled Vessels Stirred with Eccentrical Impellers
Giusi Montante
DICMA - University of Bologna

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