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Federico Guazzone

I joined WPI in December 2010 to work with Professor Ma on composite Pd membranes for the production and purification of hydrogen. Challenges, moments to create, moments to learn, fruitful experiences, and occasions to have coffee and chat about science with researcher colleagues are plenty. Working on inorganic membranes leads oneself to study metallurgy, material sciences, inorganic chemistry, and obviously chemical engineering, and WPI offers all of these fields of study.

Research Interests

  • Hydrogen Production
  • Water Gas Shift Membrane Reactors
  • Palladium Composite Membranes
  • Inorganic Membranes


  • BS, Ecole Nationale des Industries Chimiques de Nancy, ENSIC, Nancy, France, 2001
  • PhD, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 2006

Featured Publications

  • Guazzone F., Ma Y. H. “Leak Growth Mechanism in Composite Pd Membranes Prepared by the Electroless Deposition Method,” AIChE Journal (2007), 54 (2), 487-494.
  • Ma Y. H., Guazzone F. “Metallic Membranes for the Separation of Hydrogen at High Temperatures,” Annales de chimie Science des matériaux (2007), 32 (2), 179-195.
  • Guazzone F., Payzant E. A., Speakman S. A., Ma Y. H. “Microstrains and Stresses Analysis in Electroless Deposited Thin Pd Films,” Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research (2006), 45(24), 8145-8153.
  • Guazzone F., Engwall E. E., Ma Y. H. “Palladium Surface Activity, Membrane Defects and Support Resistant Effect on the Hydrogen Pressure Exponent in Pd/PSS Membranes,” Catalysis Today (2006), 118(1-2), 24-31.
  • Ma Y. H., Guazzone F. “Composite Gas Separation Modules Having a Layer of Particles with a Uniform Binder Metal Distribution,” Patent No.:7,727,596.


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