Research Focus Areas

From discovering new sources of renewable energy to finding solutions to critical health issues, the fundamental and applied research of the Chemical Engineering Department at WPI, done in a collaborative, supportive interdisciplinary environment, touches on some of the most important issues and problems of our time. Learn more about our research focus areas and the world-class faculty involved with each subject.

Energy & Environment

(Professors Catalano, DattaDeskins, Guazzone, Kazantzis, Ma, and Thompson)

  • Catalysis and reaction engineering (Datta, Kazantzis)
  • Hydrogen energy, including membranes and materials (Ma, Datta, and Kazantzis)
  • Inorganic membranes (Ma)
  • Materials for fuel cells (Datta)
  • Sustainable and green engineering(Thompson)
  • Techno-economic and environmental performance assessment (Kazantzis)
  • Water purification (Thompson)

Life Sciences

(Professors Camesano, Clark, and Zhou)

  • Biofilms(Camesano)
  • Biomaterials (Camesano, Zhou)
  • Bionanotechnology (Camesano, Zhou)
  • Bioseparations(Clark)
  • Fluid behavior in nanopores (Zhou)

Computational Science

(Professors Deskins, Dixon, and Kazantzis)

  • Catalysis and reaction engineering(Dixon)
  • Chemical risk characterization and regulation (Kazantzis)
  • Computational fluid dynamics and reactor analysis(Dixon)
  • Molecular modeling (Deskins)
  • Systems analysis, dynamics, control and safety (Kazantzis)