Program Overview

Programs of Study

Students have the opportunity to do creative work on state-of-the-art research projects as a part of their graduate study in chemical engineering. The program offers excellent preparation for rewarding careers in research, industry or education. Selection of graduate courses and thesis project is made with the aid of a faculty advisor with whom the student works closely. All graduate students participate in a seminar during each term of residence.

The master's degree program in chemical engineering is concerned with the advanced topics of the field. While specialization is possible, most students are urged to advance their knowledge along a broad front. All students select a portion of their studies from core courses in mathematics, thermodynamics, reactor design, kinetics and catalysis, and transport phenomena. In addition, they choose courses from a wide range of elective. While a master's degree can be obtained with coursework alone, most students carry on research terminating in a thesis.

In the doctoral program, a broad knowledge of chemical engineering topics is required for success in the qualifying examination. Beyond this point, more intensive specialization is achieved in the student's field of research through coursework and thesis research.

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