WPI CEE Team Wins "Best Meal" Award at Canstruction Competition

Building competition benefits local food agencies

In April 2014, a team of students from the CEE department - led by Professor Aaron Sakulich - participated in the Canstruction Competition at the SEI Structures Congress in Boston, MA. Canstruction is an international charitable organization that sponsors competitions and events featuring structures built from cans of food. After assembly, they are put on display as art installations, and later the food is donated to local food agencies. For the competition in Boston, the canned goods went to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.

Sponsored by Daniel O'Connell's Sons, the architectural firm that designed the new Faraday Street dorm, the WPI CEE team built a replica of the Galaxy Soho shopping center in Beijing. They used 1,825 cans of beans, 1,825 cans of chickpeas, 8,300 cans of tuna fish, 360 cans of corn, and 150 cans of Pennsylvanian mushrooms. This monumental undertaking received the “Best Meal” award from the judges, given to the sculpture with the most nutritive value.

April 22, 2014

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