Hands-on research is a hallmark of WPI’s Chemical Engineering Department. Here, small, intimate groups of students and faculty work together to conduct fundamental and applied research, with the potential to improve our quality of life.

And our work extends beyond the department. Interdisciplinary research labs in the Life Sciences and Bioengineering Center at Gateway Park and Goddard Hall bring together various academic departments and corporate partners. This applied learning not only makes possible exciting discoveries; it helps mold the chemical engineers of tomorrow.

Learn more about the life-changing research areas we’re exploring and the faculty and staff involved in each research concentration.

Research Focus Areas  

From discovering new sources of renewable energy to finding solutions to critical health issues, the fundamental and applied research of the Chemical Engineering Department at WPI, done in a collaborative, supportive interdisciplinary environment, touches on some of the most important issues and problems of our time. Learn more about our research focus areas and the world-class faculty involved with each subject.