WPI Computer Science Department gives out awards

The Computer Science Department recently gave out the following awards at the annual commencement ceremony:

  • CS Department Graduate Poster Award: Shubhendu Trivedi, Di Wang, Aaron Holroyd
    (Zach Pardos and Guillaume Marceau were previous awarded in the GRAD Science category)
  • CS TA of the Year Award: Paulo de Barros
  • Computer Science Outstanding Senior Award: Jennifer Spinney, Ian Williams
  • Computer Science Outstanding Junior Award: Robert Bass, Zhaochen Liu
  • Dr. Neil G. Sullivan Memorial Award (previously awarded): Jennifer Spinney, Ian Williams, John Vilk
  • *Provost's MQP Award*

    Endicia Webmailer Application
    Migdoel Alvarado, Gage Fleischer, Megan Tsai
    Advisor: David Finkel

    Distributed Virtual Environment for Radar Testing
    Matthew Lyon, James Montgomery, Lucas Scotta
    Advisors: George Heineman and Hugh Lauer

In addition, the following CS students have won Institute-wide awards:

Salisbury Prize

  • Dan Bjorge, Computer Science
  • Elliot Borenstein, Interactive Media & Game Development and Computer Science
  • Mark Hawthorne, Robotics Engineering and Computer Science
  • Christopher Kevorkian, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science
  • John Vilk, Computer Science

December 2, 2010

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