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Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC) offers a range of workshops, programs, and resources to help faculty across campus assign and manage writing assignments in their disciplinary courses:

Set Up an Individual Consultation

If you would like to set up a meeting to discuss how you might integrate writing and communication instruction in your course, please contact Lorraine Higgins for an appointment.

To request a designated writing tutor for an undergraduate course, contact Ryan Madan.

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Lorraine Higgins
Director, Communication Across The Curriculum
20 SL

  • Stephen-Kmiotek_formal

    Faculty Profile

    Name: Steve Kmiotek
    Department: Chemical Engineering
    Title: Professor of Practice

    “After taking the Institute, I changed my course schedule to provide chances for students to get feedback and revise their work—I’ve really seen improvements in the quality analysis.”

  • physics-formal-burnham

    Faculty Profile

    Name: Nancy Burnham
    Department: Physics
    Title: Associate Professor

    “Thanks to the Spring Institute on Teaching with Writing, I now use writing rubrics in class to explain to students the kind of problems I see in their technical reports.”

  • cee-lepage-profile

    Faculty Profile

    Name: Suzanne LePage
    Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Title: Instructor/Lecturer

    “After I took the Institute, I started to dissect my writing assignments to ask what I really wanted students to get from them. I also started setting aside time in class to discuss drafts.”

  • bme-billiar-160161

    Faculty Profile

    Name: Kristen L. Billiar
    Department: Biomedical Engineering
    Title: Associate Professor

    “In my courses, students use writing to learn and solve problems the way scientists and engineers do. Writing and presenting force them to clarify the problem and justify their thinking.”

  • ess-profile-peet

    Faculty Profile

    Name: Creighton R. Peet
    Department: Interdisciplinary & Global Studies Division
    Title: Associate Teaching Professor

    “Students become better thinkers if they write; it forces them to organize their thoughts more clearly. Oral presentations also help them to get to the essence of what they want to say.”

  • me-liang-profile

    Faculty Profile

    Name: Jianyu Liang
    Department: Mechanical Engineering
    Title: Associate Professor

    “Writing can provide a window into students’ critical thinking. It’s a way to assess “high-level” thinking in a way that tests can’t."

  • cee-el-korchi-profile

    Faculty Profile

    Name: Tahar El-Korchi
    Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Title: Professor & Department Head

    “Civil engineers must communicate with clients and each other. Learning the concepts and procedures is important, but learning how to explain tests and results is equally important.”

  • ess-clark-formal

    Faculty Profile

    Name: Constance Clark
    Department: Humanities & Arts
    Title: Associate Professor

    “People learn what they articulate. Having students explain the material in their own words—in writing—promotes better understanding and reflection on what they are reading and discussing.”


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