Faculty Workshops

Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC) provides faculty professional development in the teaching and assessment of writing and other modes of communication in the disciplines.


In conjunction with the Morgan Center for Teaching and Learning, CxC offers year-round faculty workshops on topics related to the use of writing, visual, and oral communication in the classroom. As part of the Food-for-Thought Teaching and Learning Series, CxC workshops are announced each term. To reserve a spot in these lunchtime workshops, register through the Morgan Center.

Example Workshops

  • Promoting Lab Literacy
  • Johnny Can’t Read, Revisited: The State of Reading on College Campuses
  • Responding to Student Writing
  • Designing Effective Writing Assignments
  • Writing Better Sentences
  • Composing Written Arguments: Pitfalls and Possibilities
  • Preventing Plagiarism
  • Plagiarism 2: Detection and Response
  • Professional Email Writing and Etiquette
  • Commenting on Project Reports
  • Teaching the Literature Review
  • Underwriting the Disciplines: General Education & the Major as Undergraduate Literacies
  • Writing in a Team
  • Genre Knowledge and the IQP
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Upcoming Workshops 2014-2015

Look for announcements on these workshops:

  • Teaching Students to Lie, Mislead, and Manipulate with Information Visuals (9/29 from 12:00-1:20pm, Hagglund Room)
  • Point-Driven Presentations (11/18 from 12:00-1:20pm, Hagglund Room)
  • Responding to Student Writing II: Encouraging Idea Development (Date TBA)
  • Showcase of Teaching from Writing-Intensive Courses Across Campus (Date TBA)