Writing-Intensive Courses

Want to learn more about the forms of oral, written, and visual communication you are likely to encounter in your profession?

Would you like to signal to employers and graduate programs that you’ve developed these specialized skills?

Consider taking writing-intensive (WI) courses in your major and building a sample of written work and presentations for your professional portfolio. Many departments across campus now offer WI sections of undergraduate courses. Your WI instructor will provide support and guidance as you complete real-world communication projects, and you will often have opportunities to build on and revise writing assignments with instructor feedback. What’s more, formal and informal writing activities will help you learn and remember course content as well as develop a professional vocabulary and style.

Writing-Intensive Courses Across Campus

As of June 2014, sections from 22 courses in 10 departments have received WI certification. Courses with writing-intensive sections will be labeled as “WI.” Specific WI sections will be labeled as such in the online course listings. See our course catalog for the most up-to-date list.

Biology / Biotechnology

BB 3521. Microscopy Lab (Vidali)
BB 3520. Plant Physiology (Vidali)

Biomedical Engineering

BME 2511. Intro Biomechanics and Biotrans (Billiar and Page)
BME 3505. Bone Biomechanics Laboratory (Billiar)
BME 3506. Tissue Biomechanics Laboratory (Billiar)

Chemical Engineering

CHE 2014. Advanced Chemical Processes (Kmioteck)

Civil & Env Engineering

CE 3026. Materials of Construction (El-Korchi)
CE 3070. Urban Environmental Planning (LePage)
CE 4071. Land Use and Development (LePage)

Humanities and Arts

HI 1313. Intro Studies Am For Relations (Roberts)
HI 1322. Introduction to European Cultural History (Addison)
HI 2316. American Foreign Policy (Roberts)
HI 3343. Topics in Asian History (Rudolph)
HU 1411. Intro American Studies (Cocola)

Interdisciplinary Studies (crosslisted)

ID 2050. Social Science Research ALL SECTIONS


PH 2510. Atomic Force Microscopy (Burnham)

Social Science and Policy Studies

GOV 1303. Am Pub Policy (Rissmiller)
STS 2208. The Society-Technology Debate (Wilkes)

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