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Good communication is essential to professional work. Whether you are an aspiring engineer, a budding scientist, a designer, or an entrepreneur, you will be more likely to gain recognition and be promoted if you communicate well.

In the workplace, writing often is used in combination with oral, visual, and data-driven modes of communication. In particular, engineers often rank writing among the top two skills in their profession. At the managerial level, engineers report spending as much as 50% of their day writing or co-writing documents for colleagues, clients, and potential funders.

Communication Resources at WPI

WPI provides many opportunities for developing your communication skills. You can select several writing and rhetoric courses and programs, including a Writing & Rhetoric minor, Professional Writing major, and a Humanities concentration or depth area in writing. You can also receive instruction in specialized forms of writing in your field by taking writing-intensive courses, available in many majors across campus.

If you are looking to brush up on or hone your communication skills, you can work with tutors and take workshops in a variety of topics at the Writing Center. Also make sure to check our list of campus writing events and opportunities.

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The Writing Center

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