BS/MS Program

Students enrolled in the B.S./M.S. program must satisfy all the program requirements of their respective B.S. degree and all the program requirements of the M.S. degree in Data Science. They may double-count courses towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees whose credit hours total no more than 40 percent of the 33 credit hours required for the M.S. degree in Data Science, and that meet all other requirements for each degree. These courses can include graduate courses as well as certain undergraduate 4000-level course as long as the undergraduate course is acceptable in place of a corresponding graduate course that satisfies a Data Science M.S. requirement. See the individual departmental entries in the catalog for listings of such undergraduate and graduate courses pairs.

Students must consult their advisors and the graduate catalog as individual departments may have restrictions on which undergraduate courses might be taken for graduate credit, and on which pairs of undergraduate and graduate courses cannot both be taken for credit. The conversion rate between graduate credits and undergraduate units is stated in both the undergraduate and graduate catalogs. Students must register for B.S./M.S. credit prior to taking the courses, as faculty may assign extra work for those taking a 4000-level course as part of both degrees.

In consultation with the academic advisor in Data Science, the student prepares a Plan of Study outlining the selections that the student will make to satisfy the B.S./M.S. degree requirements, including the courses that the student will double-count. This Plan of Study must then be approved by the DS Program Review Board.