Hasti Ahlehagh

E-mail: hasti@wpi.edu


Present: M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Insititue, MA

1998: B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, IRAN

Research Interests:

I am a graduate student in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department of Wocester Polytechnic Institute. My research area is ad-hoc wireless network with focus on ad-hoc routing protocols, localization algorithms in ad-hoc networks, optimization methods. I am a member of Carin group and my advisor is Professor W.R. Michalson.


[1] W.R.Michalson, H.AhleHagh, and I.Progri, "Dynamic Node Location in an Ad Hoc Indoor Communications and Positioning Network", in Proc. ION-GPS, Portland, OR, Sep. 2003.

[2] H.AhleHagh, W.R.Michalson, and D.Finkel, "Statistical characteristics of wireless network traffic and its impact on ad hoc network performance", Advanced Simulation Technologies Conference April 2003, Orlando, USA, pp. 66-71.

[3] H.AhleHagh, H.Pedram, and M.Sabaei, "Providing traffic engineering capabilities in data networks", Proceeding of IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering, May 2002, Manitoba, Canada, pp. 1550-1554.

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