Arkadiy Deych



Present: Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering, WPI.

1987 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Gorky State University, Russia

1985 Bachelor of Science in Physics, Gorky State University, Russia.

Research Interests:

Currently developing experimental platform for verification and validation of detection algorithms used in DME System. Solving synchronisation accuracy issues seen in design of the precision positioning system.

General research and pedagogical interests are:

System design and integration Information and Error Correction Theory into Advanced Integrated Wireless communication and measurement systems. Concatenated coding and M-ary modulation technique for stochastically defined Spread spectrum signals and the processing algorithm development. Statistical signal processing, Ad-Hoc Networks. Multiple access algorithms.

Development real automotivational conditions in applied pedagogical process.

Hobby: Non-destructive applied pedagogical philosophy, Music, Fine Art, Photo Art.

Work Experience:

2003 - pres. Research/teaching assistant WPI ECE, Worcester, MA

2001 - 2002 Digital Hardware Engineer DCI Automation, Worcester, MA

2000 - 2001 Support Engineer Computer Associates International, Framingham, MA

1987 - 1999 Sr. System Engineer/ Project Leader Aviation Control Systems, Moscow


Three patents in avionics field, over 20 scientific papers (on Russian).

1. Portnoy S., Deych A."Improving characteristics of Frequency hoping communication system using concatenated coding Technique" The IX National conference" Forward Error Correction and Information transmission. Moscow-Odessa 1988 part 3. pages 121-124.

2. Portnoy S., Deych A." Application of the M-ary codes in the multiple access wireless channel which allows majoritary decoding ' "Radiotechnica" 1988 N 3. pages 51-55.

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