First Responder Location System

This project is funded by National Institute of Justice. The goal is to develop a technology that will assist Firefighter and other Emergency Personnel's for faster and efficient Incident Response

The new system will have three main components: sensors worn on each responder; several reference stations (perhaps mounted on fire trucks at the scene), and a monitoring and display station for the on-site commander, all connected via a wireless network. New signal coding algorithms will provide the accuracy needed to locate people in three dimensions inside complex buildings. The WPI research will be led by professors David Cyganski and Bill Michalson, with cooperation from David Lucht, director of WPI's Center for Firesafety Studies.

Several technologies and areas of expertise can be brought to bear on this problem, ultimately resulting in a wearable device, which will:

The overall system characteristics will include:


First Responder Location System: Back End Receiver Design by Jason DeChiaro
2.4MB PowerPoint
RF Front End Radio Design-Simulations and Specifications by Hemish Parikh
5.1MB PowerPoint

People at CAIRN working on this project


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