Wireless Networking and Location for Un-tethered Healthcare

This project is funded by: Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC). The objective of this multidisciplinary project involving Bioengineering, Ultrasound, and Wireless technologies is to develop the wireless protocols and signals that will permit sensor data and ultrasound images to be transmitted reliably in the unforgiving environment of the urban battleground. The signals must be encrypted, be difficult to jam, and support hundreds of users in a relatively small area. The wireless systems that will be developed must not only send and receive communications, but transmit the exact location of each soldier. This portion of the project will draw on Prof. Michalson's extensive work on using the Global Positioning. The system that will be designed will be incorporated in the laptops and PDAs (personal digital assistants) that the medics will use to record information about injuries and illnesses that beset soldiers. The information will be transmitted to a central database that will help military planners spot trends that may allow for early detection of chemical or biological weapon attacks.


3D Position Determination by Hasti AhleHagh
616K PowerPoint
802.11b Vulnerabilities, Ad-Hoc Mode, RF Jamming and Receiver Design by Ritesh H Shukla
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People at CAIRN working on this project


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