Ina Duka '13

Home: Boston, Massachusetts

Year of Graduation: 2013

Why did you choose WPI?

I chose WPI because of the hands-on experience I heard about from my friends here. I first heard about the Electrical and Computer engineering department from an open house during the summer before starting freshmen year. I liked the building right away and once I heard about the great projects that students were working on I was immediately sure that ECE was the right major for me.

How has WPI's philosophy of Theory and Practice and working with teams been benefical to you during your time at WPI?

I believe that WPI's philosophy of Theory and Practice is a great way to learn. This philosophy has helped me learn so much about the world we live in and also experiencing it through hands-on experience. Not only has the theory and practice helped me succeed in my course work but it also has helped me in my career. After finishing my freshmen year I was able to get a summer internship because of my hands-on experience that I have received from lab work. WPI's philosophy is a great formula for success!

What you consider WPI’s greatest strengths and things that make you proud to be a WPI student:

What really attracted me to WPI and what I consider WPI's greatest strength is the small size of the school. I love the ECE department, I think it's just the right size for everyone to form a community and get to know each other. There is a great community in the ECE department which is formed for the many hours students spend together working in HW, labs and projects. Also part of this community are the professors who are always around and there to help.

Briefly discuss an experience you have had with a WPI faculty member:

It would be very difficult for me to identify just a single experience with a WPI faculty member, but I can identify a group of professors who my have made my WPI experience so amazing. I don't want to sound biased but the ECE department has the best professors. You might wonder why, well I will tell you. It all started my freshmen year, C term when I took my first ECE course. The professor teaching Intro to ECE that year was Prof. Emanuel, who everyone told me was very difficult but a great professor that I would learn a lot from him if I worked hard. That was true, I learned so much from Prof. Emanuel from how to build circuits in a bread-board to how to analyze very complicated circuits one step at a time. Prof. Emanuel has also been a source of inspiration whenever life and work get too difficult. He is always smiling and also has a nice thing to say. After Prof. Emanuel I had other great professors such as Prof. Bitar who makes learning fun, Prof. Mc! Neill has the greatest handwriting ever, but that is not it, he is a great professor who knows so much and has inspired my love for micro-electronics. There are so many great professors that I would need a whole page to talk about them.

Name any faculty members you are working with:

While I was an undergraduate student I worked as a tutor at the ECE department. This was a great experience for me because I got to work closely with very caring professors and also teach what I had learned to help students succeed. The professors that I have worked for are Prof. Clancy, Prof. Cyganski and Prof. Makarov. Through working with them I have seen how much they care about the students, how many hours they put into teaching and how much they love their job. It is just wonderful to be surrounded by people that want to help and see you succeed.

What you hope to do when you graduate:

After I graduate I would like to work in an analog field, applying everything I have learned at WPI.

Academic or professional awards you have received:

I graduated with distinction honor.

Additional comments you would like to include:

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