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The Challenges of RF Circuit Design

by ReinhOld Ludwig
Tuesday April 25, 2000
Room AK218
3:00 p.m.


The field of high-frequency circuit design is currently receiving significant industrial attention due to a host of radio-frequency and microwave applications. Improved semiconductor devices have made possible a proliferation of high-speed digital and Analog systems fundamentally altering the field of wireless communication, global positioning, and remote sensing.

Unfortunately, in designing electronic systems such as amplifiers, oscillators, mixers for RF operation, conventional circuit approaChes based on Kirchhoff's current and voltage laws break down. Transmission line phenomena involving wave propagation effects with reflection, transmission, and scattering coefficients have to be employed in an effort to appropriately describe the behavior of passive and active devices.

In this talk, an overview is given of various design approaChes, circuit Models, and measurement tools to construct RF circuits. Specifically, matching network strategies and microwave filters will be explained and utilized in the design of a low power amplifier.

April 25, 2000