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Stimulate Your Brain... Books Every ECE Student Should Read

ECE Department Reading List

How many books have really made an impact on your life?  In the Spring of 2007, we asked our advisory board members, as well as many of our department friends in industry, to tell us which books they've enjoyed and which ones they recommend that every student should have read by the time they graduate with an ECE degree. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers took a similar initiative and recently printed their findings in an article in the March 2007 issue of IEEE Spectrum.  The resulting lists are both quite impressive, and we've posted them below for downloading and sharing. Feel free to e-mail Prof. Looft at with your thoughts or any recommended additons to the department list!

ECE Department Reading List (38 KB PDF)

IEEE Spectrum Article "The Books That Made A Difference" (151 KB PDF)

January 4, 2007