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ECE Department Head's Association - Honors Former ECE Head John Orr

John A. Orr received the Leadership and Service Award from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads' Association (ECEDHA) on March 22 at its annual meeting in Orlando. This is an annual award to recognize a member or former member of ECEDHA who has provided outstanding leadership and service contributions to the association. This award is given to an individual with a sustained record of leadership and service to ECEDHA and to the profession of electrical and computer engineering.

ECEDHA was organized in 1963 and is composed of heads or chairs of departments offering accredited programs in electrical and/or computer engineering. Over 90 percent of the approximately 300 eligible departments in the United States are members of ECEDHA. Prof. Orr served as an officer of ECEDHA for nine years, in the positions of Secretary-Treasurer, Vice President, President, and member of the Board of Directors. As an officer he oversaw a substantial broadening of the assistance which ECEDHA provides to its members, including support in implementing new accreditation policies and procedures from ABET, the accrediting body for electrical and computer engineering. He also oversaw a name change to recognize the growing importance of computer engineering to the profession, strengthened communications among members, and fostered membership growth.

Prof. Orr is a Fellow of the IEEE in recognition of his contributions to engineering education. He has authored or co-authored over 70 publications in the area of digital signal processing as well as engineering education. He is a Professor of ECE at WPI and past head of the ECE department.

Other award recipients from the previous five years include William D. Brown (2003, University of Arkansas), Sherra E. Kerns (2002, Olin College), Edward Ernst (2001, University of South Carolina), Paul Penfield, Jr., (2000, MIT), and Marion Hagler (1999, Texas Tech University).

Left - John Orr

Center - Stephen Goodnick, Arizona State University, President of ECEDHA

Right - Pamela Mack, Morgan State University, Chair, ECEDHA Awards Committee

March 22, 2004