ECE Professor Alexander Wyglinski Serves as Guest Editor for IEEE Communications Magazine

Prof. Alexander Wyglinski recently served as Guest Editor for the April 2008 issue of IEEE Communications Magazine (with a readership of approximately 58,000). This special issue, entitled, "Cognitive Radio Communications and Networks", consists of seven papers from international experts addressing cutting-edge topics in wireless communications, namely:

  • Cognitive radio communications and networks [guest editorial] by A. M. Wyglinski
  • Spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks: requirements, challenges and design trade-offs by A. Ghasemi, E.S. Sousa
  • A survey on spectrum management in cognitive radio networks by I.F. Akyildiz, W.Y. Lee, M.C. Vuran, S. Mohanty
  • Toward secure distributed spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks by R. Chen; J. M. Park, Y.T. Hou; J.H. Reed 
  • Enhanced estimation of configuration capabilities in cognitive radio by E. Adamopoulou, K. Demestichas, M. Theologou
  • Fuzzy logic for cross-layer optimization in cognitive radio networks by N. Baldo, M. Zorzi
  • Cognitive functionality in next generation wireless networks: standardization efforts by R.V. Prasad, P. Pawelczak, J.A. Hoffmeyer, H.S. Berger
  • Multicarrier communication techniques for spectrum sensing and communication in cognitive radios by B. Farhang-Boroujeny, R. Kempter

These articles can be obtained online via the IEEE Xplore website [subscription required].

April 14, 2008