2008 Provost's MQP Competition Award Winners

First Place winners, (from right) Briana Morey, Ravi Vasudevan, and project co-advisor, Andy Klein.

First Place:  100W Class D Audio Amplifier

Students:  Briana Morey & Ravi Vasudevan
Advisors:  John A. McNeill & Andrew G. Klein
Sponsor:  NECAMSID

Second Place:  Automation of a Telescope Imaging System

Students:  Jorge Alejandro, Muzhtaba T. Islam, Thomas Niemczycki
Advisor: John A. Orr

Third Place (tie):  Diabetes Activity Monitor

Students:  Elizabeth Kinnal (BME, Towa Matsumura (ECE/BME), Nathan Occhialini (ECE), Shannon O'Toole (BME)
Advisors: Peder C. Pedersen, Robert A. Peura (BME)

Third Place (tie): Energy Efficient Wall Adapter

Students: Brendan D. Barschdorf, Russell R. Kernan
Advisors: John A. McNeill, Alexander M. Wyglinski

Honorable Mentions (alphabetically by title)

Accelerating Financial Applications through Specialized Hardware - FPGA

Students:  Tri Q. Dang, John M. Rothermel
Advisor:  Xinming Huang
Sponsor: JP Morgan Chase

RF Power Amplifier Design

Students: Mustafa Konca, Steven J. Miller
Advisor: Reinhold Ludwig
Sponsor: NXP, Cumberland, RI

SaunterNot - A Personal Security System for Nursing Home Patients

Students:William H. Brooks, Edmund J. Massas, James R. Medeiros, Stacey Mohr
Advisors: Robert C. Labonté, William R. Michalson

Thumper Robotic Bass Guitar

Students: Matthew B. Brown, Barry Kosherick, Adam J. Teti (ME)
Advisors: William R. Michalson, Eben C. Cobb (ME)

Wireless Pulse Oximeter

Students: Joseph R. Bailey, Michael T. Fecteau, Noah L. Pendleton
Advisor: Hossein Hakim

April 29, 2008