The MathWorks Funds New Collaborations at WPI in Software Defined Radio and Embedded Systems

From left: Professors Wyglinski and Huang

The MathWorks, in Natick, Massachusetts, has agreed to launch new research collaborations with WPI in the areas of software-defined radio and embedded systems. Led by Assistant Professors Alexander Wyglinski and Xinming Huang, the collaborations will include support for two PhD students and two MQP project teams per year for up to three years, as well as one MS student during the first year of the project. It is expected that the new partnership will result in internship and other employment opportunities for WPI ECE students and graduates at The MathWorks.

The primary focus of the collaboration will be research on array signal processing on embedded targets and software-defined radios. Wyglinski will serve as the principal investigator for the software-defined radio work, which aims to create a seamless real-time interface to software-defined radio platforms. Huang will serve as the principal investigator for the embedded systems collaboration, which involves the development of a formal design flow process for array signal processing.  Both projects will utilize The MathWorks MATLAB® and Simulink® product families.

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January 7, 2009