ECE Undergraduates Tie for First Place in IQP Sustainability Poster Competition

ECE Undergraduates Capture First Place in the Interdisciplinary Category of the 2nd Annual WPI Sustainability Poster Competition


The IQP Team of Muhammad Farzan Tariq, Chao Lian, Jason Beliveau, and Yura Pyatnychko, under the guidance of Professor Alexander Emanuel tied for First Place in the 2nd Annual Sustainability Poster Competition sponsored by the President’s Task Force on Sustainability.  Their project, entitled, Photovoltization, helped to determine the feasibility of Photovoltization of the entire WPI Campus. WPI has approximately 60,000 square feet of available roof space for photovoltaic (PV) installations. This condition translates in availability of a total maximum power of 426kw and the potential to generate an impressive 500MWh/year. By producing this amount of energy, we will be reducing the amount of CO2 emission by 400 tons/year which is the equivalent of 1900 trees.


April 26, 2010