Assistant Professor Taskin Padir Awarded Rho Beta Epsilon Honor

Assistant Professor Padir is the Recipient of the Inaugural Rho Beta Epsilon Award for Excellence in Robotics Education from WPI

Padir is Recipient of Inaugural Rho Beta Epsilon Award for Excellence in Robotics Education

Rho Beta Epsilon, the honors fraternity for Robotics Engineering at WPI, has selected Assistant Professor Taskin Padir as the inaugural recipient of its Excellence in Robotics Education Award. This award is given to a faculty or staff member who goes above and beyond their call of duty for the betterment of Robotics education at WPI.

Rho Beta Epsilon President Matthew Bienia states, “The effort and enthusiasm you put into everything you do has earned you recognition by your peers and the students you teach as an outstanding professor; one who sets standards to which others strive to reach. When nominations were opened up for possible recipients for this award, time after time stories were told of your impressive dedication. Showing up at odd hours of the night after panicked emails, tutoring students in classes you were not teaching, advising multiple projects with an impressive amount of care for all of them. Your commitment to the major, the faculty, and the students assures us that in awarding this to you, we are creating a standard by which all educators can seek to achieve. We would like to extend to you out deepest congratulations.”

Rho Beta Epsilon is an Honors Fraternity for Robotics Engineering (RBE) students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Founded in the fall of 2008, its aim is to create a unique Honors Fraternity that represents the spirit and passion found in RBE. Our most unique attribute is that Rho Beta Epsilon's primary requirement for admission is based not upon a grade point average, but instead on project work. Rho Beta Epsilon consists of individuals who are truly passionate about bettering themselves through the acquisition and application of knowledge. Rho Beta Epsilon members are students who: demonstrate an excellent skill set in engineering, possess an insatiable intellectual curiosity that produces technical projects without exterior motivation, and never cease to apply themselves to their studies.

May 25, 2010